About Olathe Trading Post & Pawn Shop

Come on in to our Trading Post & Pawn Shop and take a look around.
The New Olathe Trading Post & Pawn Shop. The same great people in a wonderful new setting.

Our Quick History

Olathe Trading Post & Pawn is an Olathe standby. As the owner of the oldest pawn shop in Olathe, Brian doesn’t take his 27 years of business lightly. Brian started Olathe Trading Post & Pawn as a young business owner, and has grown it into one of the most popular and trusted pawn shops in the Kansas City metro. “Our success is due to one thing. We believe in honesty and integrity. At a young age, my grandfather and father taught me that reputation will make or break you. We treat others the way they want to be treated.” The last thing the pawnbroker industry needs is another company that hits people while their down, scams people out of their valuables or over charges people for unreliable merchandise. “When I started Olathe Trading Post & Pawn I set out to change how our industry does business – a “pawn shop” isn’t an underground shady business at Olathe Trading Post. It’s your local general store. A real “trading post” where you can grab the stuff you need, make great trades, have good conversation, and save money in the process. We all know that times are getting tough right now. Olathe needs a place that people can reliably go to get the things they need without getting charged an arm and a leg. With the economy the way it is – every penny counts. We hope Olathe Trading Post & Pawn can help you save money.” You can read testimonies about Olathe Trading Post & Pawn on our google review page.

Contact Us:

Olathe Trading Post & Pawn is a pawn shop located just 1 1/2 blocks east of  I-35 in the Crossroads Shopping Center at the intersection of Santa Fe and Mur-Len, less than 1 minute from I-35 in Olathe, Kansas. From I-35, head east on Santa Fe (or 135th St.) until you pass Olathe Ford on the right then turn into the next shopping center on the right (or south). Olathe Trading Post and Pawn is in the Crossroads Shopping Center between the new Payle$$ Discount Foods (previous Price Chopper) and CVS Pharmacy. Our New Address is: 2049 E Santa Fe St Olathe Ks 66062



The Pawn Shop’s Hours are:

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 6:30pm, Saturday: 9:30am – 5:00pm, Sunday: CLOSED

 The Map of Our Area