Our Commercial

Here is a little bit about Us, Our History, Our Store,  Our Philosophy and A Tour 

of the Store with Mark The Mascot.



Here is our first commercial with the acquisition of Mark The New Mascot



Here is our second commercial in the Series with Mark Now Our Mascot


In this commercial, Mark our Clydesdale Mascot learns that snow is

not on it way yet.  He is a little disappointed as he strolls through

Olathe Trading Post & Pawn. This is the time for Deals and shopping

for the Holidays. Mark Loves the snow and holidays with snow so he

can pull the sleigh around.


One of Our Latest Commercials 15% off EVERYTHING except bullion 

and Coins.


Another Commercial for November 2015, 15% off  with Kathy Needham’s

Debut Appearance with Mark the Mascot.  Kathy is Marks Primary Handler

and Caretaker.