How a Pawnbroker Reduces Crime

Are stolen goods the first thing you think of when you think of a pawn shop?

Many people feel pawn shops are filled with stolen merchandise and actually increase crime.

The facts tell a different story.

How A Pawnbroker Buys

All of our pawnbroker’s sales have an indepth security process in place.

First: Our pawn shop has camera’s in place for everyones safety and security. Anyone selling an item that might be stolen is also appearing on camera when they interact with our pawnbroker.

Second: All pawns and sales require a valid photo I.D. – our pawnbroker places the details of the photo I.D. into our computer system and will not buy anything if the I.D. is not readily identifiable.

Third: All purchased items are held for 10 days while the serial number and item clear any local police checks or holds it might have. (This is one reason its extremely important to know your serial numbers and to report stolen goods as soon as possible).

Fourth: Many people think its in our interest to accept stolen goods. That is not the case at all. Stolen goods are a liability because we cannot make any money off of them in the first place. In fact, we lose money because of the amount of time and effort it takes to clear things with the police. But its bigger than money. We are proud of what our business does for this community, and if the general reputation that what we do is shady or illegal it also damages our credibility and our sales.

The Facts

Less than one fifth of one percent (.02%) of all items and goods we get in our store is even suspected as being potentially stolen. When you consider that most retail stores deal with over 1% of their items being shoplifted – our pawn shop suddenly seems safer than Walmart.

We actually work very closely with the local police to do our best to help them solve any crime. Many law enforcement departments view pawn shops as a vital part of the community for accurate leads and information on their cases.

Finally, if an item was stolen from you and it was an item of deep worth and value to you, wouldn’t you rather a local pawnbroker, who works directly with police, captures picture and video and get your item off the street for you instead of it being sold directly to some stranger who won’t talk to the police or capture any pictures and videos?

With your local pawnbroker you have hope for recovering your stolen items and a better chance of reducing a thiefs future criminal activity.

Once victims of theft understand this – they hope thieves bring stolen goods to us. They don’t resent it.

So keep In Mind…

Very, very few items for sale are actually stolen goods. Most of the items have been sold or traded.

For the few items that we do get in that are stolen – we are doing our part in reducing crime in our community by working closely with the victims and the police.