Our Shop Loves Musicians!

Our pawn shop has a huge collection of multiple instruments, effects pedals, sound boards, amps, speakers…in short – it won’t be hard to find something that will likely fit your exact need. Especially if you are looking for anything guitar or bass related.

Three Things You Should Know Before Buying An Instrument

  • Feeling and Tone. There is something immensely important that the instrument feels good and sounds good when you hold it and play it. Sometimes you just know you are holding the right guitar or instrument – and that’s the feeling you want when you choose an instrument. It’s more important to pay less for a “cheaper” guitar and love how it feels than pay more for an expansive guitar and not enjoy playing it.
  • Price. Instruments tend to have some massive mark up. That is one reason we can price our instruments so competitively. Paying significantly less than retail doesn’t mean you are getting a lower quality or less expensive guitar – it means you aren’t paying the massive retail mark up. Save money at our pawn shop.
  • Purpose. It’s important to know what you are planning to do with the instrument, who it is for or what is your purpose for getting the instrument. By defining your purpose, it helps you realize exactly what you need. Here’s an example. If you are a parent who has decided to purchase your child a guitar – we nearly always recommend something on the low end of the price scale. If your child is still playing in three months – then it is a good time for a guitar upgrade. Bring it back to our pawn shop and trade it for an upgrade! If they aren’t playing and they are still trying to find something they are excited about, you didn’t drop tons of money on a forgotten item. There are thousands of reasons to buy an instrument. Let us help you find what fits your needs.



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