Quick Cash in Olathe

We get it. Sometimes things come up and you need some quick cash. You can get some quick cash in Olathe at Olathe Trading Post & Pawn. 7 days a week.

We will get you in and out quickly – and give you a fair and researched price for your item.

Why we are the Best Way to get Quick Cash in Olathe

  • Quick: We have all of our testing equipment right at our fingertips. This means you won’t stand around as minutes drag by waiting on us.
  • Fair Market Value: We will research the used market and industry quickly and efficiently – being sure to offer you a fair price.
  • Professional: We make sure we always have at least two knowledgeable staff members available to help our customers get in and out quickly – but we also take the time to be sure you understand our offer and what your item is worth.
  • Friendly: We know you might not be having the best day. We understand. Come where you won’t be judged or disrespected.
  • Great Location: We are conveniently located just a couple minutes off of I-35, making our pawn shop an easy place to get to for some quick cash – no matter where you are in the metro area.

Quick Cash in Olathe

Open on Sundays from 12 – 5!

What good is some quick cash if you can’t get it quickly!? That is why we are one of the few pawn shops in the entire metro area open on Sunday. When you need quick cash…you need it! Sunday or not…

From Missouri?

It might be good for you to know that Missouri pawn shops can take advantage of your need for quick cash by charging 100% more interest (and additional fees) than our pawn shop.

Consider a slightly longer drive on a highway might be worth you saving some money.

 Get an Online Quote Right Now

We can start the process of getting cash into your hands quickly here and now! Fill out this form. As soon as we have a moment in the pawn shop, we will give you a call or an email and let you know approximately what your item is worth if you bring it in today.


P.S. — Our response isn’t a binding contract, its a rough estimate. We will finalize the offer when we see the item in person.

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