The Best Olathe Gold Buyer?

We believe we are the best Olathe gold buyer. It’s a little complicated, so let us use examples to show you why.

 The Junk Yard

If you had a nice running used car – who do you think would give you more: A junk yard or a used car dealer?

A junk yard is only going to scrap your nice working car, so they will not pay you much for it. But a used car dealer is going to take your car, put time and effort into making sure its running great, clean it and then put it out on his lot day after day, trying to sell it.

I hope you would choose to sell your used car to the dealer instead of the junk yard. You would have more cash in your hands.

It’s The Same Thing…

“We Buy Gold” and “Cash For Gold” places are no different. They do not care about your jewelry. They are only scrapping the gold and silver content. Diamonds? Meaningless. Beauty? Meaningless.

We actually sell jewelry at our shop. So we value the beauty of your piece and the extra parts (stones, diamonds). This means you get more cash in your hand. This reason alone should make us the top Olathe gold buyer choice.

Honesty and Systematization

The gold buying business has received a bad rap over the last few years. And they deserve it. As gold prices have been skyrocketing, many people do not know how valuable their little bit of gold is. So most gold buying places haven’t systemized their processes – instead – they will often offer you a very low price in hopes that you will take it out of ignorance (giving them more profit).

We would not want to be treated that way – so we will not treat you that way. Our pricing is completely systematized (read more about it here.)

Your jewelry deserves better. Get more money for it.

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